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Wenn du weniger spielen willst ist das verstГndlich, aber es ist wirklich eine Seltenheit. Befragt! Von 10 Punkten erhalten.

Captain Jack Casino Reviews

RATE CASINO AND WRITE A REVIEW. Write a review. Sort by date; Relevance; Players rating () of 37 reviews. delislep01 14 reviews • Canada Message. The best App devoted completely on Captain Jack Casino! Inside you'll find real money games, try Captainjack Casino with unbelievable. In this Captain Cooks Casino review we are going to check out for you the games We are certain, that you know and love Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and All. <

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Casino Review & Ratings | Up to % in Bonuses + 77 Free Spins. Casino Captain Jack casino bonus codes ⋆ Nabble casino bingo. Captain. So können zum Beispiel Live Casino Spiele nur um Echtgeld gespielt werden, da die überwechseln, um vorher ein wenig zu üben. betsson casino reviews. online echtgeld einzahlen commerzbank; mobile casino captain jack casino . In this Captain Cooks Casino review we are going to check out for you the games We are certain, that you know and love Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and All.

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Captain Jack Casino Reviews We believe that in this case, the player started to be nervous too soon and the money was paid out. PayPal online casinos PayPal online casinos AMEX Bonus Slot Machine casinos Neteller online casinos Interac online casinos EcoPayz online casinos. The casino kept giving the player fake promises, apologies, and excuses. The complaint remained unresolved. The casino responded to Play Dizzy Online complaint and said it was already settled Bochum Gegen Hamburg Antonio via phone call. The player's account was closed while their La.Dolce Vita request was still pending. Black points: 4 for this casino. The other checks were good to go. He then received a payment by check, however, it was refused by his bank. This is one of the areas the casino should look at improving. We consider this delayed payment most likely paid. Check out what cool offers you can get here! As you can see, live dealer games are not available in this casino. The casino claimed a check was sent to them in December, however, in January they still didn't receive anything. The casino owed the player their winning for over six months.

No further evidence was provided by either side. No valid reason or excuse was given by the casino. German player had been waiting for 5 months, his withdrawal request was declined by the casino many times without a valid reason.

After a week, the casino replied they couldn't access his documents for verification. There was no further response from either side.

In this uncertain case, we couldn't decide if the casino had a valid reason for delaying the withdrawal requests.

Complaints on related Planet 7 OZ Casino Unspecified relation. No reaction, passive regulator. Black points: for this casino.

The player from Australia has requested a withdrawal more than three weeks ago. It has been pending since.

Casino stopped responding. Against fair gambling codex. Black points: 95 for this casino. We closed the case as unresolved because the decision of the casino was against our fair gambling codex.

Complaints on related Royal Ace Casino Unspecified relation. Insufficient evidence from casino. Player was accused of multiple account holdings.

After the player won while playing with a bonus, they were accused of multiple account holdings. The player claimed they had only one open account.

No more details are available. Black points: 53 for this casino. Delayed payment, unclear case, the player had been claiming his winning for 8 months.

The casino didn't react to his requests via phone, email or chat. The player was considering a legal action against the casino.

Despite providing all the necessary documentation for withdrawal, the casino was not replying to his requests and have blocked his account.

Player just got one reply saying the casino representative was out of office and would get back to him ASAP. The player was considering legal action against the casino.

No other updates since. Black points: 15 1 for this casino. Despite showing proof of processed transaction the casino insisted on its non-reception.

The player requested a withdrawal but the casino kept asking him repetitively for new proofs of identity, delaying the payout request.

In the end, the casino said that they had never received the deposit necessary for a valid play from the player. The player showed a proof that the deposit had been deducted from his bank account.

The casino stopped communicating. Disputed amount:?? Show 1 similiar complaints with 15 black points in total 1 for this casino. Black points: 13 for this casino.

Player had been waiting for more than 3 months for his withdrawal request to be paid out. The player complained it had been more than 3 months since his withdrawal request got approved and he'd been waiting for a cheque payment.

The casino was unresponsive. Black points: 85 8 for this casino. Player's account got verified, then he was asked to renew his driver's license due to it's approaching expiration.

The player thought the casino was giving him a run-around and was stalling his pay-out. The casino didn't react to this complaint. Black points: 30 3 for this casino.

Identity verification issue, casino required more documents, player refused to provide them. The player complained that in order to validate a withdrawal request the casino asked for supplementary identity documents, the driver's licence had not been accepted as proof of identity.

However, the player felt it was not secure to send that kind of sensitive information to more parties and refused to do so. The casino was unresponsive to contact attempts in order to discuss this issue.

Delayed withdrawal due to repetitively incomplete documentation. The withdrawal request had been repetitively delayed due to continuous requests to send the most recent verification documents.

Each time the documents processing took several weeks and the player felt this was a neverending story. The casino stopped communicating with the player and didn't react to this complaint either.

Show 3 similiar complaints with black points in total 14 for this casino. Black points: 15 for this casino.

Delayed payment, the player received only half of his winnings. He received half of the winnings after 6 weeks.

Later on, the casino replied about the casino representative being out of office. Then the casino claimed they had sent out the second half of the winnings by a bank transfer, but the player said he had never received the money.

We don't know whether the player has ever received the entire amount of his winnings. Black points: 61 6 for this casino. Withdrawal took too long, a check received after complaining publicly was refused by the bank.

Player was waiting for the payment of his winnings for over a month. Casino replied it had been processed, but until he made a public complaint the player didn't receive anything.

He then received a payment by check, however, it was refused by his bank. According to the last update, the player was in contact with his bank, trying to solve the issue with the check.

It is so far unknown whether the player received his winning or not. Show 1 similiar complaints with 61 black points in total 6 for this casino.

Delayed payment, likely paid. Black points: 60 6 for this casino. Slow payments. He had several unpaid requests pending on his account, which have already been approved.

He complained that he had to wait weeks or even months for his withdrawals. The casino replied to his complaint and informed him about his next incoming payment.

The player provided a chat transcript with the casino support confirming sending money to the processor. No reply from the player about the actual status so far, he has probably received the money.

Black points: 0. Misunderstanding — credit card used for the deposit had expired, there were issues with approving a new card to get the withdrawal processed.

Player had issues with getting his withdrawal approved because there was a misunderstanding concerning his credit cards. He made a deposit using one credit card, which had expired since depositing the money.

The player sent a new credit card details to the casino for verification, so that he could receive his winning. The casino assigned this to their fraud department.

Finally, the casino informed about working on this issue in cooperation with the player. The winning should be paid out soon or have been already paid out.

Show 1 similiar complaints with 0 black points in total. Complaints on related Slots Garden Casino Unspecified relation.

No reaction policy, passive regulator. Black points: 10 for this casino. The player's account was closed while their withdrawal request was still pending.

There is no further information available and the complaint remains unresolved. Black points: 97 9 for this casino.

The casino became irresponsive to the mediator and the player. No other information is available ever since then and the complaint was left unresolved.

The player requested a withdrawal but it had been delayed for a while and the casino presented the player with different excuses whenever they asked for an update.

There is no information available on whether the player received their winnings or not. The complaint remains unresolved.

Disputed amount: R6, bonus money. Complaints on related Planet 7 Casino Unspecified relation. The player had his withdrawal denied and his funds were seized, too, without an explanation from the casino.

Uncertain case. The player, Quentin89, complained that after he made a withdrawal request, it was denied and all funds were seized from his account.

Player didn't understand why and contacted the casino but received no explanation. Finally, a higher casino mediator replied to his complaint and it has probably been resolved.

There is no update available at this time. Black points: 69 for this casino. Long verification process without getting any answers from the casino.

The player, Matt, made a request for withdrawal, sent over the necessary documentation for verification several times, but got no confirmation from the casino.

On one occasion, they canceled some of his winnings for a reason of not playing according to the rules. The player asked for an explanation, but none was given.

No reaction from the casino, no more update. Black points: 31 for this casino. Tawni didn't respond to this reopened case and all.

But we believe that the player received the rest of their money. Black points: 25 for this casino. The player's three withdrawals were delayed for at least a month.

There is no further information. Black points: 16 for this casino. Long withdrawal process due to a software issue ending with an account closure.

The player complained that after he had won and was about to request a withdrawal, the casino software was unresponsive. He was told to wait a few minutes but when he logged back into his account, it was closed.

The player had issues with affiliate casinos before and was not happy with the way the Canadian casinos treat their players. Casino replied without any resolution offered to the player.

No more update from the player. After an approved and processed withdrawal request, the player didn't receive their winning. The player had their first withdrawal request approved in October, but ever since then, they were unable to get any accurate information on the withdrawal.

They were told that they would receive a tracking number of their payment two weeks prior they filled a complaint. The casino claimed a check was sent to them in December, however, in January they still didn't receive anything.

No more update since. Player has probably been paid. Show 5 similiar complaints with 1, black points in total for this casino.

Black points: 42 for this casino. Complicated and delayed withdrawal process. The casino didn't respond. She was still missing the rest of her winnings and wrote another complaint to seek help in resolving this issue.

Unfortunately, the casino never responded to her new complaint and it stayed unresolved. Black points: 19 for this casino. The casino kept on promising them that they would receive it soon, but they didn't.

The complaint remained unresolved. Black points: 11 for this casino. Complicated and delayed withdrawal and account verification processes.

The player requested a withdrawal and sent all the documents needed for the account verification multiple times. They were told that their withdrawal had been approved and would arrive soon, but that didn't happen.

No further details are available. Player received only a partial amount of their deposits back. The casino stopped communicating with them. The player found out that the upper management has decided to close all of her accounts she had opened at the casino's sister sites.

No more information is available. Complicated withdrawal process. The player tried to receive their winnings but the casino wouldn't accept their bank for payout but asked if their bank would accept international checks and they said they would.

In the end, the complaint remained unresolved. Delayed withdrawal process. The casino stopped responding to the player. After the player requested a withdrawal and passed their account verification, they were asked to contact the casino via live chat to finalize it.

But there had been one problem because the casino had blocked them from the live chat and stopped responding to their emails and phone calls as well.

Ever since then, there had been no further information on whether the player received their money or not. The player passed their account verification but the casino wouldn't allow them to withdraw their funds.

No other information is available after that and the complaint remains unsolved. Black points: 99 9 for this casino.

After five weeks of waiting, the player received their first payment installment. Soon after that, the complaint was closed at that point.

The casino didn't respond to the player's reopening of the complaint at all. We believe it was just delayed and the player received all the money.

The player got no reply from the casino after he requested withdrawal and sent the necessary documentation.

The player, Spoon, complained about the lack of information he received from the casino. He made a withdrawal request, sent over the necessary documents via fax and email and ever since that, he hasn't heard from the casino again.

He has been waiting for his winning for over a month. No reply from the casino, no more update available.

Black points: 79 7 for this casino. Long withdrawal process, still no update from the casino after one month.

The player, Costa, was complaining that after his withdrawal request had been approved, he still didn't receive any payment one month later.

The casino customer support didn't provide any answers. No reply from the casino, no more update. Black points: 69 6 for this casino. The player's two withdrawal requests were approved but not received.

The player submitted two withdrawals but hasn't confirmed if they were paid and unfortunately, there is no further information about this complaint.

Black points: 53 5 for this casino. The player was waiting for the last payment to arrive. The player received all of their payment installments, but one.

The casino responded that the last payment was approved and sent, but it wasn't received by the player. There is no further information available.

Black points: 39 3 for this casino. Very long withdrawal process. The player's winning was approved for withdrawal, but one month later and they still were waiting for the payment.

There is no further update available. Long withdrawal processing - the player was waiting for over a month, no news from the casino.

The player, Godmatik, quoted the casino's terms and conditions where it stated 3 days for approval, 7 days for payment to be sent.

However, one month after the player submitted his withdrawal request, he still hasn't received any confirmation of approval.

No reaction from the casino, no more update from the player. The player was accused of multiple account holdings. This player had requested four withdrawal which of two were already approved and the remaining two were still pending and they still didn't receive their money.

The casino claimed that they found out that there were several accounts associated with the player's account's IP address.

They also said that they tried to contact the player multiple times via email but never received any response from the player.

The player said all their accusations were false. The player was having issues with the verification because he was getting a new driving license.

The player was waiting for his payment but it couldn't be verified because of the missing documents. The player was in the process of obtaining a new driving license and the whole process would take up to four months.

Extremely long withdrawal processing for over two months. The player is complaining about not receiving any payment and a lack of contact from casino support.

The player provided a wrong account number and because of that, the payment was delayed. The casino wouldn't issue another payment order until the wrong payment bounced back to the casino, meaning the usual months would be extended by another few months.

There have been no further updates about this case since then but we assume that the player has been paid in the end. The player had problems with receiving their money, changed the payment method after which part of the payment was missing.

Casino accommodated the player with an alternative way of payment after this incident. There is no further update ever since.

Show 18 similiar complaints with 1, black points in total for this casino. The player was complaining about not being able to get his winning approved even though he had sent the documents for verification approximately seven times.

The player couldn't understand why the casino didn't receive the documents he had sent many times. Casino representative replied that she would check on this issue.

There was no more update since and we believe that the player was probably paid. Extremely long withdrawal processing.

The player is complaining about huge delays in payments. The player complained that he was told that he would receive multiple small payments within several months.

Being a VIP member, he felt that he had been mistreated by the casino. The casino replied that the payments would come soon.

There is no update since and the player had probably been paid. The winning was sent to the player via check but it was not eligible to be cashed out.

The player complained that after she received a check from the casino and deposited it into her bank account, it was not possible to cash it.

The bank said that the accounts on the check to be debited from were nonexisting. The casino replied by giving the player contact information to Escalations Manager.

The player had been waiting for their winning for almost a year. The player was waiting for his approved withdrawals when suddenly the status of the payments was set to 'paid'.

Player contacted the casino about this mistake on many occasions. Casino replied after the player made this complaint. No update since. An extremely delayed payment which the player had waited for months and the casino wouldn't reply at all.

The player said he'd been waiting for his payments for months, contacted the casino for an update but got into a voicemail at each attempt.

After he made this complaint, the casino proceeded and the player received two checks. He was supposed to receive next check, but there was no more update since.

We believe that the player had probably been paid. Player had been waiting for the payment for months, things started to move after he made a complaint.

The player stated that he had been waiting for his winning for months. He had been contacting the casino via phone and they were never available to speak to him.

Finally, he filed a complaint online and received a reply from the casino about his payment being processed. No update since and the player has probably been paid.

Extremely long withdrawal process. Player had been waiting to receive his winning for a long time. The player stated that his withdrawal was approved at the end of November and was promised to receive the winning before Christmas.

However, in mid-January of , he still didn't receive anything. The player complained about not getting any of his winnings. The player used to be a VIP member and had the first withdrawal approved in November and the second one in December However, in January , he still hasn't received anything and the casino support was not helpful to him either.

There was no reaction from the casino, no more update, the player has probably been paid. Extremely long withdrawal processing of a smaller amount.

The player complained about a late payment of his winning. About a one month after the player requested a withdrawal, they were approved but still hasn't received anything.

The casino reacted to the complaint but there is no more update since then and the player has probably been paid. The player sent requested documents several times and almost two months later he was told one document was still missing.

The player complained about casino not processing the documents he sent for the verification. Later on, the casino's representative told him his withdrawal was being processed, but the player received an email from the casino saying that there was still one document missing.

The slots are available in different themes. Some of the top slot games in the lobby are: Lucha Libre, Asgard, Gemtopia, Purrfect Pets, Popinata, Nova 7s, Enchanted Garden II, Pirate Isle, Orc Vs Elf, Naughty or Nice Spring Break, The Three Stooges, Goldbeard, and more.

While the slot games will satisfy most slot fans, there are no filters for finding slot games. In the game listing, the slot theme is written after the slot title, but this is the only help to finding desired slot game.

Thankfully, the jackpot games are clearly marked by a blue bar which also indicates the jackpot amount. These are 3 — 5 figure jackpots, meaning that Captain Jack Casino does not feature the million-dollar progressive jackpot games.

However, a 5-figure win is great all day long. You really can pop open the treasure chest aka win big in Captain jack Casino.

Captain Jack Casino provides a number of table games for those hooked on the classic casino games. The category holds the different card games.

Blackjacks fans will find Classic Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, European Blackjack, and more. Baccarat is also available.

However, some card fans will be satisfied with the options available. The Video Pokers are hybrid games for those that feel strongly about video slots and poker.

Captain Jack Casino has a good number of these hybrids to give you elevated thrills. These include: Aces and Eights, All American Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Loose Deuces, and Sevens Wild.

Captain Jack Casino provides these games albeit just a handful. The non-card table games can also be found here. These include: European Roulette, American Roulette, and Craps.

The casino games can be accessed in two ways — download or Instant Play. Downloading the casino software gives access to all games available.

Upon getting to the casino website, you immediately load games and play in your web browser. This option is for you if the device you want to use is not yours or does not have space to carry casino software.

However, whatever mode of play chose, games load fast. Captain Jack Casino is also mobile friendly. The website is optimized for Android and iOS devices, so every page resizes to fit your screen for a great mobile gaming experience.

Mobile compatibility means the casino goes with you wherever you go. In Captain Jack Casino, the pirates are very generous with the freebies.

These range from a welcome bonus that you get to kick things off when you join, and reload bonuses that are always available to give you an account boost.

The offer uniquely includes deposit match bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. It is redeemable 10 times as follows:. The bonus is redeemable 10 times, allowing you to enjoy free gaming for longer.

Also, the 5 th and 10 th bonus redemptions do not require you to make any deposit. While the welcome bonus is for new players with a fresh account, there are bonuses that can be claimed by existing players.

Log in to find your personalized bonuses in the bonus section of the Cashier page. Flash Bingo Blackjack with Perfect Pairs Caribbean 21 Caribbean Hold'em Poker Face Up 21 Match Play 21 Super 21 Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker Tri Card Poker.

Casino War. Caribbean Stud Poker. Red Dog. American Roulette. New American Roulette. European Roulette. French Roulette. Let 'Em Ride.

Pai Gow Poker. Vegas Three Card Rummy. Sic Bo. Diamond Blackjack. Hot Dice. Lucky 8's. Roaring Twenties Bingo. Bonus Bingo. Caribbean Hold'em Poker.

Face Up Match Play Super Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker. Tri Card Poker. American Express. Bank Wire Transfer. Excellent VIP program Secured with SSL encryption Proven fair by audits.

Play now Betchan review. Play now King Billy review. Captain Jack casino reviews by gamblers. Leave Captain Jack casino Review.

Which mark you will set to Captain Jack casino? Treasure Tree. Aces and Eights. Aztec's Treasure ft. Bonus Poker Deluxe. Let'em Ride. All American Poker.

Aladdin's Wishes. Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker. Hot Dice. Sevens Wild. Boy King's Treasure. Banana Jones. Bonus Deuces Wild. Crazy Vegas.

Tri-Card Poker. Bonus Bingo. Jacks or Better. Cash Bandits 2. Pai Gow Poker. Bonus Poker.

Captain Jack Casino Reviews Review of Captain Jack Casino On its face, there is nothing that would make you think that Captain Jack Casino is a horrible casino. Well ok, nothing apart from the black flags, skulls and crossbones everywhere, and the mental images conjured of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We have conducted extensive research on the web and as a result we have found following complaints on Captain Jack Casino or any brands that might be interconnected with it. Taking into account seriousness and credibility of these complaints and estimated size of casino revenues we decided to give Captain Jack Casino a Good reputation. Captain Jack Casino also offers + games, a robust VIP program and several other promotions worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They happen to accept US players, too. So if you dig pirate themes, booty and slots, then I encourage you to read this review to the very end. Captain Jack Casino Review Summary Welcome to one of the most-themed online casinos in the world - the Captain Jack casino is a hotspot for players from the US, with their exciting online games and their smooth mobile casino. Captain Jack Casino is an online casino with an abundance of video slots, table games, and more. Instant-play options on desktop and mobile are available. Captain Jack Casino also offers live chat and toll-free phone support. The company behind the casino is licensed in the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. Restricted Countries and Territories.
Captain Jack Casino Reviews Casino Keeneland Race Track for a phone verification, the next day they asked for it again. Player has probably been paid in full. The player was unsatisfied because he had no information about when the casino planned to process his payment. You should expect the first withdrawal to take a long time in some cases even one or two months.

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Dies ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass landbasierte Casinos eine festgelegte Anzahl an Spielautomaten und -tischen haben, so dass sie den Spielern nicht die Florida Casino Resorts geben, eines der Spiele kostenlos zu nutzen und zu riskieren, dass zahlende Kunden keinen Platz erhalten. Online-spielhallen keine location-daten nötig? To get this exclusive Lord of the Spins bonus you'll have to use our registration promo. Verfügbar ab MusicTube Kostenlos.
Captain Jack Casino Reviews 19/04/ · Captain Jack casino looks like an interesting gambling website with a lot of diverse games to choose from and quite an appealing welcome bonus. However, we highly recommend that you read our thorough review of Captain Jack in order to be aware of all peculiarities and pitfalls in case you decide to play here!69%. Captain Jack Casino review – Captain Jack Casino is a pirate-themed online casino from the Ace Revenue Group which advertises as a place to get the most enjoyable, fair . Captain Jack Casino that, Which Online Casino Pays The Quickest, the top Captain Jacks Casino Captain Jack casino Games Online Reviews of games to. Captain Jack Casino Bonus Codes | Best Captain Jack Casino Bonuses, Captain Jack Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes, Captain Jack Casino Free Spins. Captain Jacks No Deposit Casino Review | unter den Curacao Lizenz, mit einem $25 Bonus Ohne Einzahlung. Captain Jack Casino ist eine web Casino, welche von Software bekannt RTG arbeitet. Aktuelle Seite: Startseite / Casino Reviews / Captain Jack Casino.


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